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A focus on women supporting women for Mother’s Day

A focus on women supporting women for Mother’s Day

April 30, 2017

All Mums are special, and on Mother’s Day we celebrate not just our own Mums, but all Mums.  

Every Mum deserves to be able to control their own finances, and to feed and support their families. For many women, the ability to support their children through employment they’ve chosen, which does not exploit them, is a hard won right. 

So in the lead up to Mother’s day this year, we’re putting a spotlight on a couple of businesses that are led by, and directly benefit women who would otherwise be doing it tough. By supporting women, they also help their communities, families and children to live healthier lives with better opportunities.


Sudara exists to advocate on behalf of and empower women who have escaped from, or are at the highest risk of, human trafficking by providing dignified employment opportunities. Women are trained in marketable skills including sewing, and are able to find ongoing employment making the Punjammies range.

But Sudara don’t stop there, because they know employment is just one piece, although a vital one, of the puzzle. Their non-profit arm provides housing and education for both women and their children, so they can leave the extreme poverty that puts them at risk. Over the 10 years Sudara have been in operation, the women who have graduated from their training programs have started their own businesses, or found work in other fields. These are options that would not have been easy to attain without the initial support Sudara provided.

ArtCamp Mexico

ArtCamp, short for Artesanas Campesinas (or rural female artisans), is a women-owned and Fair Trade accredited cooperative based in Tecalpulco, Mexico. The artisans of this area have a long tradition of making beautiful silver and abalone jewellery.

Through ArtCamp the artisans have become business women, understanding the importance of customer service, quality, and design. Their product range includes semi-precious stones, shells, and even tiny flowers captured in resin. Each piece is accentuated by silver alloys or precious metals, and represents the tradition of fine Mexican jewellery. They have achieved Fair Trade accreditation due to their respect for the social and environmental wellbeing of their community. Working conditions and pay are fair, and workers have a say in how the cooperative is run. Rather than being ‘just a business’, they are a business that exists to support disadvantaged community members, who otherwise would find it hard to support their families.


We’re always interested to hear about and share great products that support women’s economic freedom. If you know of some why not add a comment and let us know?

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