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A shout out to Indigenous Artisans on Mexico's Independence Day!

September 15, 2015


16 September is Mexico's National Independence Day, marking Mexico's independence from Spanish colonial rule over 200 years ago. It's a huge celebration that the country proudly celebrates with public fiestas, dancing, music and fireworks.

Indigenous Mexican peoples were instrumental in the fight for Mexico's independence from Spain. However, as we know, independence from colonial rule doesn't always mean indigenous peoples achieve the cultural freedom and rights they are due because of other factors that continue to oppress them, such as poverty and discrimination.

So today we want to give a shout out to a couple of our Mexican partners, who are making beautiful jewellery and baby clothes and improving their livelihoods on their own terms!

Artesanas Campesinas or "Artcamp" are a fair trade cooperative that supports marginalised women, particularly indigenous women, to improve their livelihoods in Mexico today. They assist local jewellery artisans to sell their traditionally hand made jewellery to global markets. You can check out some of their abalone shell and stone mosaic designs here and in the photos below.

Why not also check them out on Facebook and like them too!

An Artcamp Artisan at work

Some of the beautiful designs made by Artcamp artisans. Find them here.

Our friends at the Little Mexican Tienda bring you a range of beautiful baby dresses and overalls, featuring traditional designs made by indigenous women from the south of Mexico.  The dresses are hand embroidered and the overalls are hand woven, and all are created with love and care. Marvel at the handiwork of these unique outfits and check them out on Facebook.


Has a friend had a baby recently? These outfits make unique gifts and dresses are currently on sale for summer so get in quick! Find them here.

Happy Independence Day, Mexico!

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