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Clean Your Cambodian Bomb Casing Jewellery with natural, non-toxic products

January 26, 2015

I LOVE my Cambodian Bomb Casing jewellery, particularly my Wave Bomb Casing Earrings and my Open Leaf Bomb Casing Cuff. However, as with all metal things they do discolour after a while. Some people like this effect, it’s a more rustic finish, but personally I feel these pieces are at their best at a high polish.

The Cambodian Bomb Casing jewellery is made by the artisans of Craftworks Cambodia. They fashion earrings, cuffs and pendants from recycled bomb casings and bullets that were left over from the Cambodian conflict. While this was a dark time for Cambodians, the artisans themselves say that their jewellery helps to transform the scars of war into the beauty of peace.

To my mind, this jewellery illustrates the immense innovation and resilience of the Cambodian people: making jewellery from the byproducts of war. Amazing!

As such, this jewellery demands respect. It’s not a ‘wear one season and throw it out the next’ kind of fashion accessory, and with a little cleaning on occasion it will last you for years.

The bomb and bullet casings used in this range are made from brass. I’m not a fan of using harsh chemicals or storing them in my home, so I’d like to share my favourite method for cleaning brass. It also works equally well on copper jewellery.

These are my Bomb Casing Earrings pre-clean. You can see a little tarnish and a general lack of shine: the result of a lot of love and constant wear.


The Cleaning Process...

Step 1

Put the jewellery in a small container and squirt tomato sauce (ketchup, not a nice Italian ragu, please) over the jewellery to cover it. Leave for 10-30 minutes, depending on the state of the jewellery. Just a little tarnish should only take 10 minutes.

Step 2:

Take the jewellery out and rinse off the tomato sauce with lukewarm water.

Step 3:

Immediately dry the jewellery thoroughly with paper towel or a soft cloth. This is really important to do well, as dried water stains will ruin all of your good work.

Step 4:

Admire the shine!


Check out “Jewelry Tutorial HQ” on Youtube if you’d like to see the transformation in action.

There are other methods using natural products, including the use of lemon juice and salt, baking soda or other safe household products, but tomato sauce is my preferred method because the sauce is just acidic enough to give a little clean, but not so acidic you need to be too careful about timing.

For other methods you can try Spring-Cleaning-Tips.com 

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